Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Ferrari has garnered over 5,000 victories on the world’s tracks and roads, becoming a modern-day legend in the process. A Ferrari garage in Greater Manchester (UK) contains a hive of engineering expertise for the repair and maintenance of some of the world’s most exclusive cars. It comes as no surprise that the vehicle workshop was searching for a durable, high-gloss floor to protect the high powered, high-specification machines it services.

Project Requirements

For the refurbishment of the workshop’s 700m² floor, following requirements were specified:

  • It was vital the new a durable, high-gloss floor system contained hard-wearing, non-slip properties, whilst offering a smooth, seamless finish to benefit mechanics and exquisite motors alike.
  • The garage remained closed whilst the floor refurbishment was carried out. It meant contractors had a strict seven-day deadline to complete the project and ensure the business reopened on the agreed date.

Sika Solutions

Thanks to Sika, a vehicle workshop involved in the repair and maintenance of some of the world’s most expensive cars has been supplied with a Sikafloor®MultiDur ES-24 smooth epoxy covering with good chemical and mechanical resistance. The system contains Sikafloor®-161 primer, Sikafloor®-263 SL wearing coat and Sikafloor®-264 top coat. Sikafloor’s easy application and reliable performance ensured the timeframe was met, leaving the workshop with a safe, smart, durable floor fit for a Ferrari.

Products Used

Sikafloor®-161 primer
Sikafloor®-263 SL wearing coat
Sikafloor®-264 top coat
Sikafloor® Level-30

Project Participants

IRL Group Ltd

Sika organization
Sika UK